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Education: Books and e-Books

Finding Books and e-Books

Search by Keyword

The library catalogue's default search setting is set to keyword.

Begin by identifying the key words in the question or the subject you wish to find materials for. Here is an example:


I am looking for books relating to special education in Canada.  


Begin by identifying important words in the question. 

I am looking for books relating to special education in Canada.

Go to the library catalogue to perform the keyword search. Remember to think about different terms (synonyms), which may prove to be more effective during the research process. Canada for instance may be changed to Canadian or vice versa.

Searching: Canada AND Special Education retrieves 72 results. Narrow the number of Results retrieved by adding another topic into the mix.

For example:

Canada AND special education AND first nations

Search by Subject Heading

Searching by subject heading ensures that you are able to pull up all of the materials associated with a given subject. Each and every book in the library has a predetermined subject heading assigned to them. These subject headings indicate the different subjects or topics being dealt with in a particular book. Each of the subject headings found in the catalogue is hyperlinked to other materials dealing with the same subject matter.

Do a Subject Heading search and see what you can find:

Begin by going to the library catalogue and selecting subject from the drop-down menu next to the search bar.  Try searching any and or all of the following subject headings to see the various materials we have.

  • Special education
  • Early childhood education
  • Teachers -- training of

Search by Call Number

Searching by a book's call number is one of the most efficient ways to search for materials! Searching this way allows you to go directly to a book's bibliographic record, while gaining the ability to search the shelves virtually from the comfort of your own desk or home!

Every item in the library has been assigned a call number. These numbers tell us the subject area of the material, the location of the item in the library, and the physical order of the books on the shelf. It is these numbers that allow you to see all of the titles of the books located next to the searched item on the shelf.

Give it a try!

  • Go to the library catalogue and search by the call number LC 3981 .S594 2000
  • As you can see, this call number is associated with the text  "Special Education in the 21st century".
  • If you click on the call number for this book you will be brought to a list of titles located on the same shelf. Here you will notice that the books on either side of the text we searched are "Parents and professionals in special education" and "Teaching mainstreamed, diverse, and at-risk students in the general education classroom".

Browse by Call Number

To find books and other materials about Education, you may want to browse these subject areas in the Library stacks:

  1-990... Psychology
        309-499... Consciousness and cognition, including learning, attention, comprehension, and memory
        712-725.85... Developmental psychology
  5-2396... History of Education
        31-135... By time period
        410-419... In Canada
  5-3640... Theory and Practice of Education
        1025-1050.75... Principles and practice of teaching, including reading
              1027.5-1027.82... Student guidance and counselling
        1050.9-1091... Educational psychology
        1139.2-1139.5... Early childhood education
        1140-1140.5... Preschool education
        1501-1602... Primary and elementary school education
        1603-1696.6... Secondary school education
        1705-2286... Education and training of teachers and administrators
        2326.4-2330... Higher education
        2801-3095... School administration and organization
  8-6691... Special Aspects of Education
        65-70... Economic and demographic aspects of education
        129-139... Compulsory education
        142-148.5... Attendance and dropping out
        149-161... Literacy and illiteracy
        189-214.53... Educational sociology
        215-238.4... Community and the school
        980-1099.5... Types of education, including humanistic education,
      competency-based education, and multicultural education
        3950-4806... Gifted children and special education
        4201-6660.4... Adult and continuing education
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