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Library COVID-19 Response

Details on available library services, resources, and re-opening plans.

This page lists temporary open and freely available resources, which may be added or removed without notice. Check often for updates.

As part of the collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many academic publishers and content providers have granted temporary open access to both general content and COVID-19 and pandemic-specific research and information. Content includes scholarly journal articles, ebooks, textbooks, datasets, clinical trials, news, commentary, and much more. The duration of temporary access varies by publisher, noted for each one below.

Some of this content is indexed, and therefore available for searching, in the Geoffrey R. Weller Library's General Search. However, much of the content can not be found through UNBC Library searches. Instead, navigate directly to the collection or resources (linked below). Content is listed on this page in alphabetical order, grouped by general content or COVID-specific research.

Please note that while much of this content is open access with no restrictions, you may still be prompted to authenticate with your UNBC credentials. This is to ensure you also gain access to our licensed content along with any temporary open access content.

Please contact the library if you know of freely available content that could be added, encounter broken links or paywalls, or see any other errors or omissions.