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Historical Land Use Research in Northern and Central BC

Prince George Photographs by Kent Sedgwick

Kent Sedgwick with a Dog

2012.13.1 - Photograph Series (from Kent Sedgwick fonds)

Content: Photographs are primarily related to the history and historical geography of the Central Interior of BC, especially Prince George, Giscome and East Line communities covering the period c.1900-c.2010. Photographs depict geographic features, landscapes, architectural history, and industrial history.

Extent: ca. 6860 photographs (541 prints : b&w and col. -- 270 negatives -- ca. 6050 slides : col. ; 5 x 5 cm)

Image: 2012. - Kent Sedgwick with a Dog

Prince George Central Business District

Subseries 2012.13.1.003 - Modern Prince George

Content: Consists of 171 slides depicting Prince George taken between 1960 and 2003.

Image: 2012. - Central Business District

Prince George Public Library

Subseries 2012.13.1.005 - Centering Prince George

Content: Consists of 46 slides depicting places in, around, and near Prince George, B.C. taken between 1975 and 2003.

Image: 2012. - Public Library - 7th Avenue

Prince George, 3rd Avenue - South Side

Subseries 2012.13.1.007 - P.G. Then and Now

Content: Consists of 250 slides depicting images of Prince George ranging from 1975 to 2003.

Image: 2012. - 3rd Avenue - South Side

Ginter House

Subseries 2012.13.1.014 - Ginter House

Content: Consists of 23 slides depicting images of the Ginter House from 1997 in Prince George, B.C.

Image: 2012. - Ginter House

Grand Trunk Pacific railway roundhouse in Prince George

Subseries 2012.13.1.019 - GTP Roundhouse

Content: Consists of 17 slides depicting images of the Grand Trunk Pacific railway roundhouse in Prince George, B.C. taken between 1979 and 1983.

Image: 2012. - GTP Roundhouse

numerous houses, and an unknown child standing in a street at Island Cache.

Subseries 2012.13.1.022 - Island Cache

Content: Consists of 36 slides depicting Island Cache on Cottonwood Island in Prince George, B.C. in April 1970.

Image: 2012. - Houses

Stream on Cottonwood Island

Subseries 2012.13.1.023 - Cottonwood Island

Content: Consists of 16 slides depicting Cottonwood Island in Prince George, B.C. taken in 1973.

Image: 2012. - Stream on Cottonwood Island

Houses on an uncertain street in Prince George, B.C.

Subseries 2012.13.1.024 - Millar Addition

Content: Consists of 48 slides depicting the Millar Addition suburb in Prince George, B.C. taken between 1979 and 2000.

Image: 2012. - Houses

Image depicts an old, boarded up school in Island Cache, B.C.

Subseries 2012.13.1.040 - Schools

Content: Consists of 7 slides depicting schools in Prince George, B.C. taken between 1979 and 2004.

Image: 2012. - Island Cache School

Image depicts a view of the south direction of the grade for the British Columbia Railway, formerly known as the Pacific Great Eastern

Subseries 2012.13.1.041 - PGE Grade

Content: Consists of 27 slides depicting the grade for what was formerly the Pacific Great Eastern, and is now known as British Columbia Railway, taken between 1980 and 2003.

Image: 2012. - PGE Grade - View South

Image depicts an aerial view of areas that have been used for logging around Prince George

Subseries 2012.13.1.122 - Modern Forestry

Content: Consists of 35 slides depicting logging and equipment. Most appear to be locations around Prince George, taken between 1975 and 1982.

Image: 2012. - P.G. Logging

Image depicts a marching band with numerous other unidentified individuals

Subseries 2012.13.1.128 - Summerfest 1994

Content: Consists of 6 slides depicting the Summerfest in Prince George, B.C. in 1994.

Image: 2012. - Marching Band

Image depicts a long line of people cross country skiing somewhere on Tabor Mountain in Prince George, B.C.

Subseries 2012.13.1.129 - Tabor Mountain Recreation

Content: Consists of 23 slides depicting recreational activities on Tabor Mountain in Prince George, B.C. taken between 1971 and 1989.

Image: 2012. - Cross Country Skiing

Image depicts a section of the Heritage Trail in Cottonwood Park.

Subseries 2012.13.1.133 - Heritage Trail, Cottonwood Park Opening

Content: Consists of 12 slides depicting the opening of the Cottonwood Park section of the Heritage River Trails in Prince George, B.C. taken in 1985.

Image: 2012. - Heritage Trail

Prince George Urban Planning (c.1900-c.2010)

2012.13 - Kent Sedgwick fonds

About: J. Kent Sedgwick was a historical geographer active in promoting Prince George history. He first came to Prince George in August 1970 to accept the position of geography professor at the College of New Caledonia. He spent a great deal of time conducting research on the history of Prince George and the Central Interior, and had a large interest in forming the Local History Society. Sedgwick worked on heritage issues as a planner for the City of Prince George. He was awarded the Jeanne Clarke Memorial Local History Award 17 February 1991.

Content: The Kent Sedgwick fonds consists of 5.8 linear meters of textual records relating to his research interests of the history of the Central Interior of British Columbia. Sedgwick was an urban planner with the City of Prince George, as well as one-time instructor in geography at CNC and part time lecturer in Geography at UNBC.

The subject files contain original research notes, research notes from interviews, news clippings, research copies of photos/maps – primarily related to the history and historical geography of the Central Interior of BC, especially Prince George, Giscome and East Line communities covering the period c.1900-c.2010. Research also includes extensive notes on geographic features, landscapes, interpretative trails, architectural history, industrial history and First Nations history of region. Also research notes on Alexander Mackenzie, George Dawson and geographical research related to Northern Alberta.

Restrictions on access: No restrictions

Online Access: Photographs only


2007.47 - Trelle Morrow Collection

Trelle Morrow, B.A., B. Arch. is a Retired Member of the Architectural Institute of B.C. Mr. Morrow was a graduate of the UBC School of Architecture and established a practice in Prince George in 1956 and worked on many local and northern projects until he retired in 1997.

Content: Includes an audiocassette and a CD copy of an interview conducted by Kent Sedgwick with Trelle Morrow on the history of architectural design in Prince George. This interview was the basis for J. Kent Sedgwick's recent publication: Reflections on Architects and Architecture in Prince George 1950-2000 published by the College of New Caledonia (2007)

Restrictions on access: No restrictions.

Online Access: None.

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John Hart Highway Photograph Collection - 2005.3.32 - Fred Youngstrom Operating a Haulback Rig2005.3

This 405 km long stretch of Highway 97, named for former British Columbia Premier John Hart, begins at Prince George, traveling for 152 km north through the small hamlet of Summit Lake, which is situated at the Continental Divide, as well as, through Crooked River Provincial Park, Bear Lake and McLeod Lake, to its intersection with Highway 39. It then journeys northeast another 150 km through the Continental Divide at which point the time zone changes from Pacific Time to Mountain Time. After emerging from the Pine Pass, the highway intersects with Highway 29 at the town of Chetwynd, B.C. After a trek of another 97 km east, the Hart Highway terminates at Dawson Creek, B.C. This collection consists of 73 photographs. Date range of materials: 1945 – 1946.

2002. - Steam Locomotive, No. 859

Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum Society Collection (1894-1999) - 2002.1

The Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum Society Collection consists of textual, photographic & cartographic records related to regional developments of Canadian National, Pacific Great Eastern, BC Rail, and Grand Trunk Pacific Railways in Northern BC, including Prince George, Peace River Region, Terrace, Bulkley Valley, Hazelton and Prince Rupert. See online finding aids. Extent: 7.68 m textual records; 24 maps; 28 blueprints; 150 loose photographs; 10 negatives; 1 photo album. See links to individual Railways Series below: