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Scholarly Communication: Open Access Policies

This guide will outline what scholarly communication is and its relation to Open Access

Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications

The Tri-Agencies are federal granting agencies that promote and support research, research training and innovation within Canada. The Tri-Agencies are:

Their Open Access policy is designed to improve access to the results of Agency-funded research, and to increase the dissemination and exchange of research results. Recipients of these grants are required to ensure that any peer-reviewed journal publications arising from Agency-supported research are freely accessible within a year of publication. To do this, grant recipients can either add the final, peer-reviewed manuscript to an institutional or disciplinary repository that will make the manuscript freely accessible within a year of publication; or recipients can publish in a journal that offers immediate open access or that offers open access on its website within a year. The Tri-Agencies strongly encourage recipients to add their manuscripts to an open access online repository immediately upon publication.

For more information, read the entire Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications or browse their Frequently Asked Questions page.



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