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Social Work: SOCW 330

Is my research article PEER-REVIEWED?

Not all articles that appear to be  research articles are PEER-REVIEWED :-(

One way to confirm whether or not the article you have chosen has been published in a peer-reviewed journal is to use a tool called Ulrich’s. Ulrich’s  is a directory of journals that includes information such as refereed status (Peer-Reviewed), title history, publisher, and subject classification.  The little referee shirt indicated that the journal is peer-reviewed (refereed) Click here for more details

You can also confirm the status by going to the publication's (the journal's) website. There will be information on the website detailing the editorial process.

Assignment 1

Assignment # 1:  Media Report Thought Paper (30%) – 3-4 pages – Due January 20/20

Your assignment asks you to find  a news report relating to research in the health or human services field. The library has many resources for you to consult:

You may also wish to consult other sources that are freely available like: CBC NewsCBC News HealthThe Globe and Mail: Canada, and the National Post.

Assignment 2 Research article summary and critique

Your assignment asks you to find a research article and to provide a "brief summary and thorough critique" of that article.  You will want to use our databases to locate peer-reviewed research published in academic journals. The following databases will be of use to you:


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