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eBook Tips: Home

Copied from the USask LibGuide created by Jaclyn McLean, Electronic Resource Librarian, University Library, University of Saskatchewan

About eBooks

A lot of the eBooks available from the University Library can be downloaded as PDF files to your personal device. This eBooks guide will help you work with the eBooks that aren't so straight forward. If you have questions we haven't answered here, you can always Ask!

Most eBooks will let you:

  • Search by chapter, or browse through the table of contents (TOC)
  • Search the book by keyword, highlighting where your terms appear
  • Read sections of the eBook online
  • Download a limited number of pages as a PDF, as determined by the publisher and by copyright
  • Print a limited number of pages, as determined by the publisher
  • Highlight text and creating notes on the e-pages (will require you to make an account with the publisher in most cases)
  • Download the whole book for a certain length of time based on limits set by the publisher

Subject Librarian

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Annelise Dowd


Do I have to be connected to the Internet to read e-books?

Not if you have already downloaded the book. You will need the Internet to download the book to your personal device.

How long can I read an eBook I've downloaded?

Each publisher sets custom borrowing periods. When you download the eBook, the number of days you have the book "checked out" will be displayed.

Can I renew an eBook?

Not really. Once the borrowing period expires, if you want to keep the book longer, you will have to go to the platform and check it out again if it's available.

Can I put a hold on an eBook?

Not at this time. The loan periods for eBooks are shorter, and non-renewable.