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Use SimplyMap to create maps, data tables, and rankings for your term paper, your business plan, or your marketing study.

About this guide

Thanks to Jed Zimmerman for creating the original version of this guide.

If you have any questions about SimplyAnalytics, please contact me by email at

Instructors, I would be happy to discuss, with you, the incorporation of SimplyAnalytics into your course assignments and/or demonstrate SimplyAnalytics to your students.


Need a map for your term paper, your business plan, or your marketing study?  Have no expertise in GIS?  You may use SimplyAnalytics to create maps, data tables, and rankings for these purposes and more using the data and Statistics Canada geographic units outlined in the boxes below.  SimplyMap is particularly useful to students and others, in the following or other disciplines requiring simple spatial analysis of socioeconomic data: 

business and marketing community planning and development
community health, nursing and medicine geography
social work economics
First Nations and women's studies northern studies
education social work


Note to those with GIS expertise: SimplyMap may also be used to download shapefiles and data files (including point data) for use in a GIS.


Data Included in SimplyMap

Important: Note that SimplyMap uses Environics Analytics data.  Environics Analytics uses proprietary algorithms and administrative data to massage and augment Census and NHS data.  Although Environics Analytics data is an industry standard in the business world, researchers should be cognizent that their methodology is proprietary and not transparent.

Environics Analytics socioeconomic and business-related data included in the GRW Library's subscription to SimplyMap Canada:

  • CensusPlus: Includes adjusted/enhanced data (using proprietary algorithms) from the 2011 Census and from the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) down to the dissemination area (DA) level for all DAs in Canada.  Adjusted census data for 2001 and 2006 are also included. 2011 variables included.
  • DemoStats: Current-year estimates and projections of demographic data for three, five and ten years into the future.  Also provides historical estimates from five years ago based on the same methodologies to ensure accurate trend analysis. DemoStat 2014 variables.
  • HouseholdSpend: Provides total and average spending estimates for Canadians by category of expenditure.  Based on Statistics Canada's Survey of Household Spending (SHS).  HouseholdSpend 2014 variables.
  • Dun & Bradstreet Canadian Business Directory: Point data for Canadian businesses.  Each data point includes the following information, where available: DUNS number, company name, business name, address, telephone number, status, line of business, URL, geography coordinates, NAICS, SIC, sales volume, total employees, key contact person, key contact phone number, public or private company indicator, and single location or branch location status.

Geography Available in SimplyMap

Data is available, and can be mapped, at all standard Statistics Canada geographic units:

  • Dissemination Areas (DA’s)
  • Census Tracts (CT’s)
  • Census Subdivisions (CSDs)
  • Census Metropolitan Areas (CMA’s)
  • Census Divisions (CDs) -- In BC, these are equivalent to regional districts.
  • Provinces/Territories
  • Canada

Please see the Statistics Canada Illustrated Glossary for basic and detailed descriptions of all these geographic units.


SimplyMap is now SimplyAnalytics. SimplyAnalytics offers all the functionality of SimplyMap with an updated user interface. All SimplyMap accounts and saved work have been imported to SimplyAnalytics, which can be accessed below:


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