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American, Canadian, and First Nations Literature: Websites

Guide to resources and research help related to American, Canadian, and First Nations Literature.

Useful Websites

There are many American, Canadian, and First Nations Literature-related resources online that might help you to grasp course concepts or complete assignments. The links below are to online e-book collections (public domain only) and websites that you might find useful in your studies.

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Evaluating Websites

When you are looking at a web page and deciding if it is appropriate to use in your research you must think about how to evaluate a website in order to decide if it is worth using in your research.

For example:

How accurate is this website?

  • Who is the author? Have they written more on this topic?
  • Has the author provided contact information?
  • Is there a bibliography or a reference list?
  • Does the content make sense and match other sources that you have looked at?

Look at the authority of the website:

  • Is the author affiliated with an academic institution?
  • What is the URL? - is it .com for commercial or .edu for education?

What is the context of the writing?

  • Is the author writing for personal or political reasons?
  • Are the arguments balanced?
  • Is there an evidence of a bias?

How current is the website?

  • Are the web documents dated?
  • When was the site last updated?
  • Look at the date of the items listed on the reference list, how old are they?
  • Are the links on the page broken?

What is the design like?

  • Is it professional looking and easy to navigate?

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