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Physics: Books and Ebooks


On the Library Home Page, do either a General Search if you're looking for a topic or Classic Search by title if you're looking for a specific book. Both eBooks and physical books can be searched for in either search box.

If you would like to browse certain subjects, call numbers are broken down as follows: 

QC1-999 Physics
QC1-75 General
QC 81-168.85 Weights, Measures, & Descriptive Mechanics
QC170-197 Atomic physics (includ. molecular and solid state physics & quantum theory)
QC221-246 Acoustics & Sound
QC251-338.5 Heat & Thermodynamics
QC350-467 Optics & Spectroscopy
QC474-496.9 Radiation Physics
QC501-766 Electricity & Magnetism
QC770-798 Nuclear & Particle Physics
QC801-849 Geophysics/Geomagnetism


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Students, Faculty and Staff at UNBC are welcome to place inter-library loan requests through the following forms:

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Interlibrary Loans is a service that enables all registered users of the Geoffrey R. Weller Library to obtain materials that are not part of our library collection.