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ILL System Migration

The UNBC Library is moving to a new Interlibrary Loan system in June. During this transition, there may be some delays in processing requests.

Between May 1st and June, ILL forms will have to be filled in manually. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to improve our ILL services! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

About ILL

Interlibrary Loans (ILL) is a service that allows you to access material not at the UNBC Library. Can't find the article or book that you need here? We can get it for you from another library.

If you are a distance student, staff, or faculty and you would like to have library material shipped to you, please use the "Request" button in the library catalogue and enter a note to have it shipped. Please do not use the ILL forms to request material from our collection.

Interlibrary Loan Charges

The following charges apply to all interlibrary loan requests:

Faculty, Staff, Students No Charge
Alumni $5.00 OR cost of item if exceeds the base rate-will notify by email
Community Borrowers $10.00 OR cost of item if exceeds the base rate-will notify by email
Research Affiliate $10.00
Overdues $1.00 per day, per item, no maximum
Lost Items Replacement cost plus $20 processing fee

Before Making a Request

  • Please ensure that you are registered as a library patron and that your account is up to date. Only currently registered library patrons may utilize ILL services.
  • Please check our catalogue to confirm that we do not hold the item. Your request will be cancelled if the Library owns the item, regardless of form.
  • Check if a resource is available open access. It might be freely available online!

Place an Interlibrary Loan Request

Students, Faculty and Staff at UNBC are welcome to place interlibrary loan requests through the following forms:

  1. Journal Article Requests
  2. Book Requests
  3. Book Chapter Requests
  4. Theses and Dissertations Requests
  5. Multi-media Requests
  6. All Other Requests

Please be sure to include complete citation information on the request form:

  • For articles this includes: article title and author, journal title, volume/issue, page numbers, and date.
  • For books this includes the title, author, and publication date.
  • Including an ISBN (for books) and ISSN (for journal articles) when available helps your request to be processed more quickly.

If any of this information is missing, your request may be delayed or cancelled.

Requesting through 'Get It @ UNBC'

Some indexes and databases include an ILL request option. Select Get it @ UNBC and ensure the UNBC Library does not hold the item. Select the link to place an interlibrary loan.

For further details about full-text indexes and databases, or submitting requests directly from indexes and databases, ask at the Interlibrary Loans office or Reference Desk.

Important Notes

  • Interlibrary loan requests are processed in order of receipt.
  • Be sure to fill out the ‘need-by-date’ section of the request form to avoid receiving materials past the date that they will be useful to you. Keep in mind it will take a minimum of 1 week to receive physical materials.
  • It is possible for multiple requests to arrive simultaneously. Keep in mind ‘reading time’ necessary if you are requesting several books or returnable items.

Interlibrary Loans

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Data Collection

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