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GEOG 204 Tutorial -- Census of Canada / NHS: Home


The information contained in this guide will be covered in the GEOG 204 tutorial during Week 4 of the course.  The tutorial is designed to give GEOG 204 students an understanding of Statistics Canada geography.  This understanding is imperative when working with Statistics Canada census data and census boundary files.  Specifically, the goals of this session are as follows:

  1. Gain a basic understanding of the Census of Canada and why it is conducted.
  2. Understand the difference between the pre-2011 mandatory census long form and the new National Household Survey (NHS).
  3. Become familiar with basic Statistics Canada's geography reference products, and understand how they can help answer questions about Statistics Canada geography.
  4. Understand how to find and download Statistics Canada Census Profile data and how to prepare it for use in GIS.
  5. Learn where to find Statistics Canada boundary files.
  6. Know where to find information about citing Statistics Canada data.

Please contact me if, after reading this guide, you have any questions about finding or accessing data.

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