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Social Work: Finding Articles

Choosing a Database


  • Start from the library home page:
  • Click on the Indexes & Databases link (under Library Resources)
  • Scroll down on the Search for Databases by Subject list until you find Social Work. 
  • Click on Submit Subject Search
  • Browse through the list and select a database

Searching for Journal Articles


  • Once you have selected an appropriate database use the following to connect your search terms
    • AND - Connecting your search terms with AND allows you to narrow your search.  You will retrieve only the items that have BOTH or ALL of your terms contained within.
    • OR - Connecting your search terms with OR allows you to broaden your search. You with retrieve any of the items that contain EITHER or ONE OF your terms.


  • In most databases it is easiest to start with a Keyword search.
  • You may also want to use the Thesaurus to find the appropriate subject terms for your topic
  • If you know the title of the article you are looking for do a Title search
  • If you know that you want articles from within a specific journal search by Journal title, Periodical title, or Series Title
  • If you know the author, search by Author (Last name, first initial).
  • There may be other options to limit your search by publication year, document type, etc. Take advantage of these!