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A Library resource guide for the Anthropology and Archaeology programs at UNBC

Welcome to the Anthropology and Archaeology Research Guide

This guide has been created in hopes of assisting students to find relevant and authoritative materials during the research process. Although this is not an exhaustive list of available resources, it serves as a sampling of the relevant materials available to students.

The Anthropological Discipline: Who are we? Where did we come from? These are a few questions that the discipline of Anthropology attempts to answer for us about the human condition. It is described as the study of humans and human culture throughout time and in every perspective. This is a discipline of enormous breadth- but the program at UNBC includes courses in archaeological, biological, linguistic and sociocultural anthropology.

Archaeology: Archaeology is the study of humans through the remains of their physical activities. This includes the identification, collection, analysis, interpretation, and management of those remains, usually classified as artefacts or sites.  The time period of interest for archaeologists begins with the earliest known evidence of tool-making more than two million years ago and continues through the study of contemporary material culture.

UNBC offers: The Anthropology Program offers a major and minor in Anthropology, as well as a Joint Major in Anthropology/Geography. The joint major offers minors in GIS, Physical Geography, Human Geography, and Geomorphology. Anthropology also offers a BA Honors-Anthropology.

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