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This guide has been created to help ENPL 313 students zero in on the data that you need to complete your course assignments.  The guide provides you with various ways to access census and National Household Survey data. 

The basic census / NHS profiles are the same wherever you access them (through the profiles on the Statistics Canada site, through the Canadian Census Analyser, or through BC Stats).  Topic-based tabulations are cross tabulations and provide a more in-depth look at selected census variables.  BC Stats (under the "Other Data" tab) is a very valuable source of information, providing a wealth of value-added products about different BC locations. 

You may use SimplyAnalytics to easily create maps and data tables for your assignment using the Environics Analytics adjusted/enhanced Census/NHS and demographic projection data included in SimplyAnalytics.


  • Even though the mandatory long-form census was re-instated for 2016, ensure that you are aware of the differences in the 2011 Census.  This has important implications for this assignment.
  • If you see red, pay extra attention!

Feedback and suggestions welcome and encouraged. (Use ENPL 313 for your Subject line.)

Please don't let yourself get frustrated!  ASK ME if you have a question.  (Contact information in profile.)

Note: In BC, census divisions = regional districts.

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