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ENPL 313: Rural Community Economic Development: Topic-Based Tabulations


Topic-based tabulations  are cross-tabulated tables that give an in-depth look at selected census variables at various levels of geography, including census subdivisions (CSDs), census divisions (CDs)*, provinces/territories, and Canada.   The tables are available in various categories, including labour. 

Note:  There are topic-based tabulations for the National Household Survey (NHS) as well, but they are called 2011 National Household Survey: Data tables.

*In BC, census divisions = regional districts.

Important: When selecting a table of interest, be sure to differentiate between CSDs and CAs.  The CSD of Prince George (318 sq. km) is the City of Prince George; the CA of Prince George (17,686 sq. km) includes the CSD of Prince George and several neighbouring CSDs.

Census geography reference material.

The Tables

Once you display your desired table, click on the Download tab to download the data to Excel. 

Note that any table marked "Contact Us" may may be retrieved through Statistics Canada's Data Liberartion Initiative (DLI). (Note that this link will only work on campus. Use UNBC's virtual desktop to access from off campus.)  Please contact me if you have problems finding the desired file using this site.  (Use ENPL 313 for your Subject line.)


  • In addition to being viewed in HTML format, these tables may also be downloaded in .ivt (B20/20) format and viewed in the Beyond 20/20 data browser.  The Beyond 20/20 data browser is available in all the campus PC labs and through UNBC's virtual desktop.  It may also be downloaded (for Windows operating system only).
  • The commuting flow tables may be of particular interest for the location quotient assignment.  For instance, note the tables listed in the 2006 Commuting to Work tables.  There is a commuting flow table for the 2011 NHS, but unfortunately the data is not provided by industry.

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