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NREM 204: Resources to Use for Your Assignment

Web sites

E-Fauna BC: Electronic Atlas of the Wildlife of British Columbia

  • Use to determine scientific name and naming author, geographic distribution, status information, food, phenology, and habitat requirements.  Note ADDITIONAL RANGE AND STATUS INFORMATION LINKS.
  • The text of Clifford and Guiguet's Alien Animals in British Columbia, which is included on this site, may be used to determine when selected alien species were introduced to British Columbia.
  • Citing tip: Note Recommended citation at the bottom of each entry.  This should be cited as an online book.

  BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer

  • Note status in search results table.  Click on the question mark for an explanation of the code.  Note further details at NatureServe Explorer.
  • Citing tip: Note citation recommentation on the FAQ page.  This should be cited as a home page of a website.

  NCBI Taxonomy Browser

  • Use to determine the scientific name and naming author as well as the full classification of a given organism.




Check lists of references in journal articles and on web sites for other possible sources of information.  See, for instance, References in NatureServe Explorer entries.