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NREM 204: Resources to Use for Your Assignment

Selected Web Sites

Government Publications / Reports

  • GALLOPP: Performs simultatenous search of legislative libraries across Canada.  Can narrow search by province.
  • Cross-Linked Information Resources (CLIR) -- BC Ministry of Environment.  Performs simultaneous search of the following sources:
  • BCSEE - BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer
  • EIRS BD - Biodiversity / Environmental Information Resources e-Library
  • EIRS EP - Environmental Protection Information Resources e-Library
  • EcoCat - Ecological Reports Catalogue
  • Ministry of Forests and Range Library (shared with MOE)
  • SIWE - Species Inventory Web Explorer - a component of the Species Inventory Data System (SPI) system
  • Google: May be used in the following way to strategically search for government publications:

      1. Do your Google search.
      2. Click on the gear icon (upper right section of screen), and click on Advanced search.
      3. Scroll down and enter the site or domain that you want to search in the site or domain: box.  For instance, you would enter to search BC government web sites.  (If you're not sure what to enter, search for the organization that you'd like to search and check the URL.)
      4. Scroll down the page and click on Advanced Search to complete your search.
      5. Click on Search tools at the top of the screen and then click on Any time to restrict your search by time period.  (Custom range... will allow you to specify a specific date range.)
  • Canadian Books and Documents collection: Access to full text publications, related to Canadian public policy and health, from Canadian public policy institutes, Canadian health institutes, government agencies, advocacy groups, think-tanks, university research centres and other public interest groups. Search tips:
    • The default view of the search results is by book cover icons.  You may use the View Results drop-down menu to change to List Results, which provides a textual list of results.
    • You may also sort the search results by date.
    • When you access a specific publication in your search results, use the Download PDF button, if available (above the book reader window), to download the publication in PDF format.


There is no one place to search dissertations and theses, so it is advisable to search all of the following.  


Don't forget to check lists of references at the end of journal articles, government publications, professional reports, and theses for other sources.