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NREM 204: Resources to Use for Your Assignment

Finding a Journal Article When You Have a [Partial] Citation

Search the library catalogue by TITLE for the title of the journal.  Searching the library catalogue will tell you if the article is in the library in ANY format.

Sample partial citation: AMBIO (2012) 41:193–201

Components of a Typical Journal Citation

Red: Crutial information for finding a specific article.

Blue: Other citation elements.

Note re. page numbers: The citation below provides the first page of the journal article (p. 193) and the total number of pages (9).  You will also come across citations in journal indexes that simply provide the page range.

Other Document Types Cited in Library Databases

Some databases cite other sources of information in addition to journal articles, such as books, book chapters, conference proceedings, dissertations, government publications, etc.

The following example from the Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management database is a symposium paper.  This is not evident in the brief database entry, which just gives the tile of the symposium paper, the author of the paper, the publisher, place of publication, and year.

The detailed database entry provides the complete information, including the name of the symposium and the page numbers.