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NREM 204: Resources to Use for Your Assignment

Useful Journal Indexes for NREM 204 Assignment

Specialized journal indexes for Fish and Wildlife:

For both of the above:

  • Examine “Subject Terms” in database records and use to refine search.
  • Keep watching subject terms for further refinement.
  • Use And/Or Boolean operators to narrow or broaden your searches.
  • Can further refine your search by using search fields (e.g., subject, title).
  • Can sort results (e.g., by date descending).

Both of the following index literature related to many biology and agriculture disciplines, including fisheries and wildlife biology:

  • Agricola  -- Indexes journal articles, monographs, proceedings, theses, patents, translations, audiovisual materials, computer software, and technical reports.
  • Biological and Agricultural Index Plus -- Indexes journal articles.

Build on your search results!  Try using ISI Web of Science:

  • Keyword search (no subject terms).
  • Use to find out which articles have cited a particular article (Times Cited).
  • Use to find related articles (Find Related Records) – Articles are ranked by the number of references they have in common.
  • Note: Google Scholar complements the Web of Science; it may be used in a similar way to find cited and related articles.

Other Journal Indexes to Consider

Multidisciplinary journal indexes:

Other specialized journal indexes of potential interest:

 Full list of journal indexes in the Library.