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Research Data Management

New to the idea of Research Data Management? This guide will introduce you to the basics.

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Susie Wilson

In accordance with the Tri-Agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management, UNBC Library strives to support our research community to manage and openly share their research data with the following tools and services:

Research Data Repository

UNBC has the UNBC Dataverse through Scholars Portal for UNBC researchers to deposit their research data on secure Canadian servers. Researchers can deposit data, create appropriate metadata, and version documents throughout their research project. Researchers also have the ability to choose to make content available publicly, to specific individuals, or to keep it locked. To manage and preserve your research data, please contact

UNBC Institutional Repository

The UNBC Institutional Repository is an open access digital repository for published and unpublished material created by members of the UNBC community. Its aim is to showcase and preserve UNBC’s unique intellectual output by making content freely available to anyone, anywhere, online.

As a service of the UNBC Library, the Institutional Repository provides researchers with a free, secure, and long-term home for the presentation, dissemination, and preservation of their research and scholarship. By utilizing the Institutional Repository, researchers ensure their work achieves compliance with the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications.

Data Management Plans

The DMP Assistant is free for all UNBC researchers to use to create a formal data management plan, which follows best practices in data stewardship. The DMP Assistant guides researchers through key questions on managing their research data.

Research Data Discoverability

The Library continues to work to increase the visibility of digital research assets within UNBC’s repositories: UNBC Institutional Repository and UNBC Dataverse. UNBC research datasets are currently discoverable in the Library General Search (Summon), FRDR, DataCite, Google, etc. All UNBC's digital research assets including datasets are assigned DOIs to increase the citability and discoverability of the research done by the UNBC community.

Data Management Help and Guidance

This Research Data Management Guide is designed to inform researchers about data management tools and resources specifically at UNBC. RDM workshops are offered in each Fall and Winter term and during Research Week. Email the Data Services Librarian or for details on upcoming workshops or with any questions on managing research data.