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First Nations & Indigenous Peoples of Northern BC

This guide showcases the Northern BC Archives collections concerning the First Nations and indigenous peoples of Northern BC.

Carrier Language Collections

Carrier Language collection - 2004.10 Collection consists of a set of 4 Carrier language audio recordings from a UNBC class, a set of 4 audio recordings from the Carrier Language Translation Project, a Carrier dictionary, and Carrier language publications. Physical extent is 8 audiocassettes.

Restrictions on Access: Restricted. Contact the archives for access.

Audio Recordings - 2000.14.2 series from the R. J. Baker fonds - 2000.14 (1960-1961): Series consists of 26 audio recordings created by linguist/educator R.J. Baker while studying the Carrier language in Nautley, B.C. from 1961-1962. Topics pertaining to the Carrier people as recorded on these audio reels include: singing, drumming, storytelling in both Carrier and English; language sessions whereby English words/phrases are translated into Carrier; children’s playground songs; and a partial recording of a Potlatch. There are other topics recorded on these audio reels that do not directly relate to R.J. Baker’s linguist investigation into the Carrier language, including linguistic lectures.

Restrictions on access: Some restrictions may apply to use of the recordings. Contact the archives for details and access.