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Business: Accounting

This guide was designed to help you find relevant and authoritative materials during the research process.

Accounting Resources

Listed below are the names of databases associated with field of Accounting. Each of the titles listed below are hyperlinked to the resource title in the library catalogue to provide you with easy access, as well as a brief description of the resource and its uses.

Search the library catalogue to find books on the particular area of accounting you are looking for.  Use 'and' to connect your terms to narrow your search (ie accounting AND ethics). You can do keyword searches as well as subject searches, which utilize the Library of Congress Subject Headings to locate items on the same subject. Some relevant subject headings include:

These same terms (and more) will work as keyword searches, but you will get many more (and possibly irrelevant) results using a keyword search. Try both and take it from there. If you search any term in the 'subject' field, the catalogue will try to suggest related subjects for you to try, as well as more sub-categories of the subject. Of course, if you know the title or author of a book, you can search the catalogue using those fields as well.  For broad categories like accounting, it might also be useful to search for the general subject heading of "accounting" combined with a keyword (or several) using 'and' using the 'advanced keyword search' option.

You can also do an 'advanced keyword search' and restrict the 'material type' to limit your search to a particular format (ie, e-books only).

Interlibrary Loans

Can't find a book or book chapter, article, thesis or dissertation, or multimedia that you need?

If we don't have the item in our collection, you can request it through interlibrary loan at no cost for students.

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