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Business: Case Studies

This guide was designed to help you find relevant and authoritative materials during the research process.

Free Business Case Studies for Faculty

This is not intended to be an exhaustive guide. Only the free resources that are relatively user friendly and provide current case studies for teaching and learning have been selected for inclusion.

Copied with permission from Vivian Feng's LibGuide:

Teaching Cases in Academic Journals

Publishes case studies designed for use in business and economics courses. Many cases feature real companies operating in various countries. The journal content is not indexed in Business Source Complete.

Published by Academic and Business Research Institute to share cases (factual and fictionalized) and exercises developed for classroom use in any area of business education. Teaching notes, if included, are published with the case manuscript. The journal content is not indexed in Business Source Complete.

Facilitating the exchange of ideas leading to the improvement of case research, writing, and teaching, the Society for Case Research (SCR) publishes three scholarly journals below to provide up-to-date cases. All case studies are peer reviewed. No fictionalized cases; only field-researched cases and cases based on substantial research from secondary sources are accepted for publication.

Includes “decision-based cases,” which place students in the role of a decision-maker and ask them to make recommendations appropriate to the context of the situation, and descriptive case studies, which provide descriptions of real situations.

Publishes both decision-based and descriptive cases, as Business Case Journal does.

No long cases – the maximum length is three single-spaced pages. JCI's focus is on brief incidents that tell about real situations. Each incident tells a story about an event, an experience, a blunder, or a success. Unlike long cases, incidents provide only essential historical details and limited situation development, with a focal point that stimulates students to arrive at a course of action or analysis. Most incidents are decision oriented.

Open Access Cases