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About Us: For Archivists

Services for Northern and Central BC Archives

Archival Advice

Are you affiliated with a heritage institution in Northern or Central BC and require some basic archival advice?

As the Archives Association of British Columbia's regional representative of the Central Interior-BC Northeast region, we offer assistance to the archival community in order to: encourage the growth and development of an effective archival network; advise on the use of accepted archival principles and practices for the administration of archives; advocate for the region and the region’s archival organization, to both the AABC and the greater archival community at large; and, promote the activities and programs of the AABC. We act as a resource for archivists and archival repositories in the region by answering questions or directing them to the appropriate resource.

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AABC Disaster Response Kit

Northern BC Archives is one of the holding repositories for the Archives Association of British Columbia's Disaster Response Kit program.

AABC Institutional Members are eligible to access this kit on an as-needed basis for free.

If you need immediate access to a Disaster Response Kit, please send an email to with the subject line "URGENT - Disaster Kit Needed".

Services for Indigenous Archives and Communities


Indigitization is a collaborative initiative between BC Aboriginal groups and academic partners from the University of British Columbia and the University of Northern British Columbia (Northern BC Archives) to facilitate capacity building in Indigenous information management.

The Indigitization Program provides resources through the Indigitization toolkit, enables community-led digitization projects through training workshops, identifies funding opportunities, and advocates for ongoing funding directly to Aboriginal partners for sustained cultural heritage management.

To learn more visit the Indigitization website or email or

RAD Physical Description Builder

Northern BC Archives created the open source RAD Physical Description Builder tool to create custom, RAD compliant, physical descriptions for extent of:

  • Textual Records
  • Graphic Materials
  • Cartographic Materials
  • Architectural and Technical Drawings
Access the RAD Physical Description Builder

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Archivist Resources

Northern BC Archives internal policies, forms, and archival guides are available below and are reusable under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA) license.

Policies and Forms

Archival Processing