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Natural Resource Development and Environmental Impact in Northern BC

This guide highlights the Northern BC Archives collections on natural resource development and environmental impact in Northern BC.

The John H. Holzworth Field Report

Title page of field reportWith the permission of The Smithsonian Archives, NBCA digitized the report for research access:,
The John H. Holzworth Field Report, 1923 entitled "Report on Trip Taken in August, September and October 1923 by John M. Holzworth in Northeastern British Columbia in the Interests of the United States Biological Survey on the Subject of Mountain Sheep and Caribou Distribution."

Originally submitted to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and currently housed at The Smithsonian Institution Archives (SIA), this field report describes “Mountain Sheep and Caribou Distribution” in Northern British Columbia in 1923. It consists primarily of reports, notebooks, notes, photographs, maps, and related materials documenting biological field research conducted by staff naturalists of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and its predecessor, the Bureau of Biological Survey.

Research Significance

Data includes detailed descriptions of the specimens caught, land and water transportation routes taken in the Peace River region, weather observations, and commentary on communities and peoples encountered during the expedition to hunt and collect bighorn sheep and caribou specimens in the area. Also provides documentation of the Beaver First Nation camps and images of early 20th century homesteaders near present day Tumbler Ridge.