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Multicultural Northern BC


2009.10.2.119 - Chinese cannery workers at Nass Harbour Cannery

The following collections contain some content on Chinese people and history in Northern BC. To browse more of our collections of Chinese content, we suggest the following search strategychina OR chinese OR beijing OR "hong kong" OR shanghai OR canton OR cantonese OR mandarin. 

When formulating your search, consider the historical use of terms used to identify people of the cultural group you are researching. Some of those terms may be considered derogatory or applied inaccurately today, yet still exist in original archival primary sources. Adding historical terms to your search may unearth additional sources. Northern BC Archives acknowledges the inherent issues with perpetuating these historical terms; please see our Statement on Language in Archival DescriptionsChange or add in other qualifying words with Boolean Operators OR, AND, or NOT.

Image: 2009.10.2.119 - Chinese cannery workers at Nass Harbour Cannery

Corless Funeral Ledger

Richard Corless Funeral Ledger2007.23.1 - Funeral Ledger. This funeral ledger from Prince George covering the period of May 18, 1916 - July 9, 1931 consists of personal information regarding individuals' causes of death, their name, age, and place of residence. The ledger also contains information regarding payment for caskets or other funeral arrangements. This ledger records the deaths of 13 people who were born in China and died in or around Prince George along with their occupation and cause of death.

Restrictions on access: None

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Upper Fraser Historical Geography Project

2017.6 - Upper Fraser Historical Geography Project Collection. The Upper Fraser Historical Geography Project was conducted by UNBC faculty and a team of researchers between 1999 and 2002. The lead researchers were Aileen Espritiu, Gail Fondahl, Greg Halseth, Debra Straussfogel, and Tracy Summerville. The project resulted in the creation of 93 oral history records and their transcripts. Participants included regional forest industry executives, politicians (including former MLA Ray Williston, local mayors and Fraser Fort George Regional District representatives), forest industry workers, and former and contemporary Upper Fraser community residents. The oral histories document the rise, consolidation and demise of the forestry-based settlements along the Upper Fraser River between 1915 and 2000.

Some participants talk about the ethnic demographics of the Upper Fraser and some mention either Chinese people in the region or specific individuals from China with whom they were friends or acquaintances.

Restrictions on access: Some restrictions apply. Digitized material made available online may be redacted to exclude privacy concerns.

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Fred Jeffrey Photograph Collection

A fishing boat loaded with fish for the canneryFred Jeffery was born in Bruce Mines, in the Algoma District of Ontario in 1870. He moved to BC in 1891 where he worked as a steam engineer during the winters at both the original Hotel Vancouver and occasionally at the Rogers building; while each summer he traveled north to the Nass Valley where he worked as a steam engineer at a Prince Rupert salmon cannery.

The Fred Jeffery Collection consists of three photograph albums comprising a total of 303 b&w photographs all dating from ca.1924-1933. The subject matter of these images consist primarily of the fishing industry, river & landscapes, salmon cannery images (housing, people, workers, machinery, boats) on the Nass River and North Pacific Coast. Notable are the photographs depicting indigenous (Nisga'a) people and places and Chinese and Japanese cannery workers. Identified canneries featured in these photographs include: Mill Bay Cannery, Namu Cannery, Klemtu Cannery, Shushartie Bay Cannery, Balmoral Cannery, North Pacific Cannery, Nass Harbour Cannery, Port Essington Cannery, Kitwanga Cannery, Port Nelson Cannery, Alert Bay Cannery, Dominion Cannery and ABC Co. Cannery.

Restrictions on access: Access may be restricted due to the condition of the photo album requested.

Image: 2009.10.2.094 - A fishing boat loaded with fish for the cannery

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David Davies Railway Collection

Chinese farmer's buildings near Ladner, B.C.The David Davies Railway Collection (2013.6) encompasses all facets of railway history specifically in the province of British Columbia and the Yukon territory. The collection consists of research material accumulated over the course of more than fifty years, and includes monographs, periodicals, articles, clippings, railway timetables, photographs, maps and plans, and excerpts.

Materials of note: Subseries 2013.6.18.2 - CPR - Early Days

This subseries consists of research material regarding the early days of the Canadian Pacific Railway in British Columbia, between 1880 and 1900. Includes information about the construction of the CPR main line in British Columbia, the Chinese labour force used in the construction of the railway, and tunneling through the Canadian Rockies.

Restrictions on access: No restrictions

Image: 2013. - Chinese farmer's buildings near Ladner, B.C.

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