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Multicultural Northern BC

European Immigration

Man & Women Standing at German BakeryUpper Fraser Historical Geography Project Collection

2017.6 - Upper Fraser Historical Geography Project Collection. The Upper Fraser Historical Geography Project was conducted by UNBC faculty and a team of researchers between 1999 and 2002. The lead researchers were Aileen Espritiu, Gail Fondahl, Greg Halseth, Debra Straussfogel, and Tracy Summerville. The project resulted in the creation of 93 oral history records and their transcripts. Participants included regional forest industry executives, politicians (including former MLA Ray Williston, local mayors and Fraser Fort George Regional District representatives), forest industry workers, and former and contemporary Upper Fraser community residents. The oral histories document the rise, consolidation and demise of the forestry-based settlements along the Upper Fraser River between 1915 and 2000.

Some participants talk about the ethnic demographics of the Upper Fraser mentioning people from various European countries.

Restrictions on access: Some restrictions apply. Digitized material made available online may be redacted to exclude privacy concerns.

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Image: 2009.5.3.87 - Man & Women Standing at German Bakery

Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. fonds

The Publications series (2000.1.3) of the Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. fonds (2000.1) consists of news bulletins and newspapers documenting the community and work life of the residents of Cassiar, BC. Content includes text and photographs, as well as jokes, comics and games.

On March 7, 1956 the Cassiar Reporters Guild published one issue of an untitled newspaper simply titled "The Cassiar?" (vol.1, no.1) along with a "name that newspaper" contest call out to the local community. It is believed that no other issue of this first volume was published until December 7, 1957 when The Asbestos Sheet (vol.2, no.1) was published. The Asbestos Sheet, was generally published twice a month and ran from December 1957 to September 1976; after which time both its name and its format changed: the 8-1/2 x 10" news bulletin changing to an 11 x 17" newspaper; and The Asbestos Sheet becoming the Cassiar Courier. The Courier was published monthly from fall 1976 until February 1991 when it stopped circulation shortly before the closure of both the mine and the company town.

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