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Aleza Lake Research Forest: Learning Resource

Grade K-3: Visual Inquiry (Social Science)


Black and white picture of a man measuring a small tree
Picture #1 NBCA Accession 2007.
Black and white picture of two houses and a shed in a forest clearing
Picture # 2 NBCA Accession 2007.1.​25.6.07
Black and white picture of a man standing outside by a blackboard
Picture # 3 NBCA Accession 2007.1.​25.7.79

Discussion question: What is different between today and 1920? Brainstorm the differences (ie. electricity, roads, cars, telephones, computers, videogames) and discuss how they are different. Why are they different? Do pictures look the same as 100 years ago? Why do they look different?

Note: Click on each image to view a larger image. The linked code below each image links to its description by the Northern BC Archives.

Picture #1: Discussion

  • Share one thing you see in the picture. 
  • What is the man doing? 
  • Why would he measure the tree?
  • What is he trying to learn about the tree? 

Picture # 2: Discussion

  • Share one thing you see in the picture.
  • Who might live in that house?
  • Where do you think the house is? 
  • What kind of job do you think the person in the house does? Why? 

Note: The man in Picture #1 is a forester and Picture #2 shows a forestry station. Discuss forestry and what can be learned about forestry from these two photographs. 

Picture # 3: Discussion 

  • Share one thing you see in the picture. 
  • What kind of job do you think this man has?
  • Why is he teaching a class outside?
  • What do you think he is teaching his students about?

More information for discussions:

Picture # 1 is a photo from 1969. It depicts Harry Coates, forester at the Aleza Lake Research Forest, taking measurements of trees that had been planted within the last few years. Harry is one of the key employees at the research forest that kept it running in the 1950s and ‘60s. 

Picture # 2 is from 1927. It depicts the main forest ranger service station at the Aleza Lake Research Forest. Rangers would base out of this structure when doing maintenance and research at Aleza Lake. The structure is no longer standing.

Picture # 3 is from 1936. It depicts a man named Mike Greg who is teaching a forestry class to students who were part of the Young Men’s Forestry Training Program. This program was implemented by the federal government in response to the Great Depression, when many men found themselves unable to work and provide for their families. Many tried to work in forestry to make money.

Learning Intention & Core Competencies

Learning Intention: Learners will use visual text to participate in an introduction to guided inquiry.

Core Competency Focus - Critical and Reflective Thinking:

  • Can ask questions, make predictions, and use my senses to gather information
  • Can explore with a purpose in mind and use what is learned
  • Can tell or show others something about my thinking
  • Can contribute to and use simple criteria
  • Can find some evidence and make judgments
  • Can reflect on work and experiences and tell others about something learned