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Aleza Lake Research Forest: Learning Resource

Aleza Lake (1931)

Source: British Columbia Forest Service. The Aleza Lake Forest Experiment Station: A Brief Statement of Its Purpose and Development. Victoria: British Columbia Forest Service, 1931.

Aleza Lake Research Forest Historical Timeline

1909 Forestry policy in BC calls to conserve
1910 Commercial logging in Prince George region begins
1911 B.C. Forest Service created
1913 Grand Trunk Pacific Railway comes through Prince George
1923 Bob St. Clair writes letter calling for forest experiment stations
1924 Aleza lake Experiment Station built
1926 Logging begins at the Aleza lake Experiment Station
1927 Northland Spruce ceases operations
1928 Road connects Aleza lake to the main highway
1929-1939 Great Depression in Canada
1935 Young Men's Forestry Training Program developed
1964 Aleza lake Experiment Station is closed down
1992 Aleza lake Experiment Station is reopened as the Aleza Lake Research Forest
2001 Aleza Lake Research Forest affiliates with UNBC and UBC
2007 Research Begins at the Aleza Lake Research Forest